Trap Guard – The Trap Primer Alternative

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Trap Guard®

Revolutionizing Drainage Systems Providing Real Value to You and Your Customers

  • A Simple Trap Primer Alternative
  • Provides Real Value for Customers
  • Stops Sewer Bugs
  • Provides Many Design Options
  • Protects the Public's Health

ProVent Trap Guard®

Revolutionizing Drainage Systems Providing Real Value to You and Your Customers

Trap Guard® solves the problem of infrequently used drains by eliminating the need for a trap primer while preventing the emission of sewer gases and the backup of raw sewage into living or work areas. It is much less expensive, much more effective and much simpler to maintain than a trap primer.

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Find the Right Trap Guard® Drain or Insert for Your Job

Place the Cursor on “Product Line” in the menu at the top, left, and you will see a variety of product categories. Select the one you want and you will access a page with descriptions, part numbers and the ability to view drawings and download CAD files.

You Can Now Buy Trap Guard® at the ProVent Online Retail Store

You now have the ability to purchase Trap Guard® online. The ProVent Store is intended for a customer who only requires a small quantity of Trap Guard® Drains or Inserts (or other, selected ProVent products) and would like the convenience of ordering on-line and paying with a credit card using our secure and encrypted site. Orders over $1,000 are not accepted online. For these or larger orders it will be better to go through your local ProVent Systems Representative or call 800-262-5355.

You can use the store in two ways:

  1. After finding the right Trap Guard® product as described above, in addition to the previous options of viewing a PDF file, you will see the option to buy. If you click on this option, it will take you directly to the page in the Trap Guard® Retail Store where you can purchase that product.
  2. You can go to the ProVent Retail Store by clicking here or by clicking on the appropriate menu item at left.
  3. Returns: Freight must be prepaid by sender for returned products plus a 20% handling fee. Return credit will also be subject to the resalable condition of the products.

The Changing Role Of Floor Drains

Initially, the floor drain was used for drainage during the washing of floors, the emptying of old, gravity-drained washing machines, etc.

Now, however, with dry floor-cleaning techniques and washing machines that pump waste water directly into the drainage system, their role has changed. Today, they primarily serve as emergency drains. That is, they drain water that results from a water emergency due to an overflow, blockage, water appliance malfunction, etc.

However, emergency drains, by definition, are not used frequently and the requirement to use a trap primer severely restricts their usefulness. If we now think consciously about how drains can be used to limit the impact of water emergencies and we take advantage of the flexibility of location provided by Trap Guard, it opens up a whole new range of possibilities.

We have outlined just a few of these possibilities that you can review by clicking here.