Trap Guard – The Trap Primer Alternative

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Product Line

Floor drains are needed and are very important in every building.  They can become a problem with sewer gases when the trap water seal is lost because of infrequent use. Our Trap Guard devices can be used to protect against both emissions of sewer gases and bugs from entering habitable areas.  They can be purchased as a complete drain unit in new construction with many optional strainer tops.  Trap Guard devices are available in various sizes to protect all the different types of existing drains.  Our new emergency type floor drain can be retrofitted into existing laundry rooms to handle the infamous flooding from washing machine hoses and overflows. We manufacture the best drain protection products needed for the public’s health and safety.

How it works:

There are no moving parts, no complicated 3 stage labor of finding a water supply and connections and no need for electricity.  The parts are chemical resistant and will not support microbiological growth.  All Trap Guard testing has been done by ICC approved testing laboratories.  The Trap Guard provides the same sealed  protection for both new and existing drains.