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Emergency Drain for Laundry Rooms

Everybody knows someone who has had flooding in their laundry room. The most common problems are when the washing machine overflows or the water inlet hose bursts. This happens somewhere everyday. Most above ground floor laundry rooms have no provision for water emergencies so when trouble strikes it floods the entire house, ruining floors, drywall and creates mold. All this can be avoided by installing the “Trap Guard Waterproof Hub Drain” which funnels away uncontrolled water. The “Trap Guard Waterproof Hub Drain” is attractive, barely noticeable and is easily installed in the laundry room using a small 4” hole that can be connected to the plumbing stack or simply drained through an outside wall. The “Trap Guard” part protects against sewer gas and bugs from entering your house. It is simple to install and can save many thousands of dollars in water damages.

Top Side: TG23-FHD-RS ~ Drawing ~C-6333-ebtg

Bottom Side: TG23-FHD-RS