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Emergency Drain Systems

Water damage is a major inconvenience and cost for building tenants and owners. It is also a primary cause of major claims for insurance carriers. If you add to this situation the expanding problem of health and liability concerns for mold buildup due to water between floors and in walls, the containment of water damage becomes critical.

Because all but the least expensive ProVent pipe penetrations automatically waterproof, this prevents the water resulting from an emergency from using penetrations as a path to multi-floor and between-floor damage. ProVent drain technology complements this by providing a safe way to remove the water.

And, because the Trap Guard® does not require a trap or a vent, it can be used for emergency water drainage in any location in a building. This can be tied into a dedicated Emergency Drain System for the building, with the runoff emerging at ground level.

There are many potential causes of water emergencies. In a multi-story office building, they could be the result of the use of the sprinkler system, either for a fire or by accident. Or, perhaps they could be the result of an after-hours burst pipe or an overflowing toilet. Regardless of cause, the ability to drain away excess water, combined with waterproof penetrations, will significantly cut down on damage and inconvenience. it will also reduce the possibility of mold buildup.

For multi-story residential buildings, the potential for water emergencies is increased by the potential for burst washing machine hoses and bathroom overflows. Since ProVent has a drain that can be used and sealed with a wooden floor, both wood frame and concrete multi-story residential buildings can be equipped with a Trap Guard-based Emergency Drain System. Until now this was not possible for buildings with wood floors.

In both office and residential buildings, this combination of sealed penetrations and ability to drain away excess water makes true tenant separation possible.

Trap Guard® US Patent Number: 6,795,987